Roundup Update of Legislative News

Email crashes the Senate’s system

MPR reports that emails to the Senate are being archived due to the volume of emails being received.  Apparently, with time, when the Senate’s system is able to handle it, the emails will be moved out of the archive to the recipients’ account.  So if you are writing to the Senate, make sure to send a copy via snail mail.

Pawlenty announced his candidacy last night via a video, which you can read and watch here.

There is still no budget deal…

AFSCME and MAPE are having a vigil tonight at the State Capitol (75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul) on Monday, May 23 from 9pm to 12 midnight.  This is the statement from the Facebook event,

Union members want to work for Minnesota and we’re going to tell lawmakers “Don’t go home without a fair budget.”


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