Budget Woes Continue

There are two weeks until a state govermnent shutdown and it appears Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders are no closer to a budget deal.

Gov. Dayton quickly rejected a GOP offer yesterday that Republicans argued was a “significant compromise.” At the end of his news conference Dayton seemed to be touching on the theme of the 2011 legislative session when he remarked “We’re at an impasse.”

GOP leaders offered to drop their push for $202 million in tax breaks and spend the money on K12 schools, higher education, public safety and other programs. Watch video.

The GOP offer does not rely on any new revenue, which Dayton characterized as “extremely disappointing.” Watch video.

Dayton told MPR’s Midmorning that the impact of a shutdown on the state’s workforce and the rest of the state wears on him.

The Pi Press says the public is telling lawmakers to get a budget deal done.

Republicans are also pushing for a special session to fund road work only. Dayton has rejected that plan saying he won’t call lawmakers back until they agree on a complete budget.


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