Target Union Election in NY

This is something very exciting to see.  Today, a Target in NY will vote in an election to determine if it will be represented by a Union.

Friday is voting day in New York for unionizing a Target store — which would be the one and only of 1,754. Jim Spencer of the Strib reports: “The Target Corp. flier sporting the famous bullseye logo in the top left corner poses a troubling question for workers who this week will hold the company’s first union election in 14 years. ‘Will the store close if the union gets in?’ The company answer: ‘There are no guarantees.’

The Valley Stream [NY] store performs in the middle of the pack company-wide, making its closure unlikely. But it stands alone among the 1,754 Targets: On Friday, its 260 workers will decide whether to join the largest retail union in the country.

The outcome could have ramifications not just for the company but for the industry, organized labor and potentially consumers nationwide, giving organized labor a rare beachhead into big-box retail. If the union wins, ‘that’s big news’, said Chris Tilly, the director of UCLA’s Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. ‘It shows [unions] have potential that people thought wasn’t there.. The tenor of the company’s flier was noteworthy to John Budd, a labor relations professor at the University of Minnesota. ‘It suggests Target is quite nervous,’ he said.”


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