U of MN considers leaving public funding behind

Minnesota Lawyer Blog had an interesting entry explaining the predicament that many public-funded organizations face: a decline in public funding.

The Universityof Minnesota Law School is considering abandoning public funding, and focusing on private funding.

Minnesota Lawyer Blog reports:

The University of Minnesota Law School was hit hard during the latest round of budget debates. The school now receives less than 10 percent of its overall budget from state dollars.

Facing unreliable state money, the law school is considering going to a complete private fundraising plan. In a story in today’s Star Tribune, Dean David Wippman says the new financial model could start in a year. He said the school won’t change how it operates, but Minnesota residents will see their tuition increase by about 10 percent under the new plan. Wippman said that the new private funding model could actually make law school more affordable, however, because there would be more scholarships available.

The new U of M president still has to approve the funding plan, but as state money continues to go away, the switch to a “private” school model is perhaps more of a move of necessity than anything else.


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