Gvt reaches deal

The governor of Minnesota and the state’s Republican lawmakers announced on Thursday that they had, at last, reached a deal on the state’s budget, bringing what is expected to be a swift reopening of government services.

In the end, Mark Dayton, the Democratic governor, gave up his wish to raise taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans and agreed to a set of provisions that Republican leaders had offered him two weeks ago, just before the state closed its parks and sent 22,000 workers home. Still, Republican leaders said they, too, had not gotten all they had wished for: deeper cuts in state spending.

Instead, both sides agreed to balance the state’s approximately $35 billion budget by finding an additional $1.4 billion in revenue through some fancy accounting maneuvers — by delaying payments to local school districts (which were unhappy to learn of this) and by borrowing money against expected future payments from the tobacco industry.

via Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, Offers Deal to End Shutdown – NYTimes.com.


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