Gvt shutdown ends

From MPR:

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton has signed the state budget, ending a 20-day state government shutdown.

Dayton signed nine budget bills and three other spending bills about five hours after the Republican-controlled Legislature approved them.

“I’m not particularly happy with this budget I’ve just signed into law,” Dayton told reporters. “I signed it because otherwise Minnesota wouldn’t go back to work.”

About 22,000 state employees who were laid off during the shutdown were instructed to start reporting to work Thursday morning. Dayton said it will take time for everything to get back to normal, but he said state agency leaders have been able to make plans since last Thursday, when he and Republican leaders reached a budget agreement.

“We’ve been anticipating this development,” Dayton said. “Everybody’s geared up and ready to go to try to get state services up and running.”

State parks will need at least 24 hours before they can open to day-use and at least 48 hours before they can open to overnight camping, DNR spokesman Chris Niskanen said. That means state parks won’t be open Wednesday or Thursday, he said.

It will likely take at least several days for road construction crews to resume work.


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